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GREEN TEAM MEMBER 2018-2019 School Year

Groundwork Southcoast is seeking individuals who are interested in joining our first school year Green Team Program in New Bedford. We are hiring up to 10 members with 6 positions still open (updated 11.16.18). Team members will work for 9hrs per week for up to 28 weeks at minimum wage. There is an additional unpaid educational/ goals requirement of 11 hrs per week for a total of 20hrs per week for out of school youth. This work is hands-on landscaping, urban farming, and street-scape work, community engagement and project management. This is paired with developing leadership skills and STEAM skill-building. Being apart of Green Team means you will be an integral part of urban agriculture, environmentalism, stewardship, and community engagement initiatives in New Bedford.

Full Out of School Green Team Job Description

Green Team Job Application