Green Team

The Groundwork Southcoast Green Team is a hands-on leadership program that offers part-time, paid positions for up to fifteen 16-20 year old residents of Fall River and New Bedford. They are trained to lead local environmental initiatives, increase food access and community engagement, and participate in hands-on stewardship projects.

F3 Farm and Market

The FFarm and Market is a a scattered site food access program throughout the south coast of Massachusetts. This program was started due to the 2017 Green Team members specifically requesting that we work on growing things: fruit and flowers. Later we also decided that we would like the 3rd F to mean either food (vegetables or in the future, we hope it will be able to be fungi= mushrooms).
Currently these programs are:
FFarm at Riverside Park comprised of 24 raised beds and the Orchards at Hazelwood Park and Victory Park launching in June and July 2018!
FFarmers Market in the Flint launched in July 2018!