Groundwork Southcoast Official Response to COVID-19 and Pivot to Remote Work

These are extraordinary times. 

Like you, we want to make sure that everyone is safe and healthy. As a result, we have been working 100% remotely.  We are enjoying rising to the challenge of this experience including learning how to run Green Team remotely, to take photos and videos, and use Zoom with the team- a fun adventure!

As an organization dedicated to equity, the drive in our work at this time is to address the current and pending economic impacts on our most economically vulnerable residents. As a result, Groundwork Southcoast has been working diligently to pivot our work online not only to support you, but to secure ample funding to continue to pay our youth and staff during these economically impacting and physically distant times. 

Our team is learning how to work remotely, and we love that our Green Team members are still wearing their uniforms while working from home! We've all learned how to use Zoom now and each day our selfies get a little better too!


We are thinking of you- our community. As a result, we are excited to announce two remote programs we are launching and to share a couple of resources that have been shared with us.


Sow and Grow

Bored at home? Want to learn how to grow your own food?

We're launching Sow and Grow.simply fill out this form and we will send you a seed starting kit along which our staff and Green Team employees will help you learn how to grow your own food in the process. We'll be growing remotely together! In exchange for a kit we'll ask for you to participate in our online Sow and Grow community (as well as to fill out a couple of forms for us to make sure we have your permission and share with our funders, etc.). Our pilot starts this week, (March 24-31) so the time to fill out the form is now!


Real Talk

Want a place to go to talk with folks your age about real issues? Want to learn some of what we cover in the leadership training for our Green Team? Can't tell what information on the internet is real and what isn't? Want to just have a place to virtually "hang out" while we're all staying in? To help with answers to those questions and more, we're launching Real Talk, a mix of Green Leadership sessions and open-ended conversations geared providing you the kind of information and insights that you seek. If interested, sign up today clicking the link below:

In addition to launching our new programs, we want to help residents who may be looking for resources regarding COVID-19

Here's a few that we've been using:

SouthCoast Health's Myth Busters Page! This is a great resource to get accurate information about COVID-19 

Our State's Website Page dedicated to providing up-to-date information related to COVID-19 

Calling 2-1-1. This is a service in Massachusetts available in 140+ languages. In addition to support around urgent needs like food and housing resources, they also have mental health, COVID-19 information and more. The call-in wait times are long right now due to the number of people with questions, but it is a great resource!

Still looking for other ways to help or get involved?

The funding community has been amazing at this time, and we are working hard to fill the new funding gaps that moving to a remote model has caused. However, your individual support during this time makes a huge difference!