Reflections from Green Team members Randy Barros & Kevin Ayala:
     Being a part of the Groundwork Southcoast Green Team can be a very powerful and transformative experience for youth. Randy Barros and Kevin Ayala have both been on multiple iterations of our Green Team program, and have already seen the impact of their work, both in the community, and on their own lives.
    Kevin is currently on his fourth Green Team program, and is building upon each experience with a goal of becoming a Crew Leader. "Because of Green Team I have learned to be more confident and be a better speaker. I also learned to have more patience, and be more hands on with projects." "I want to keep working and be a leader of one of our crews, because I think that will help me get experience when I go for other landscaping jobs"
    Randy is on his second Green Team Program, but is already seeing a change in himself. "I really liked being a part of the Summer program. It forced me to do something other than sit around my house, and I got to interact with the community." Randy also enjoyed his time this Summer as a member of the Green Team crew that helped pilot an experiential nature lab for middle school youth. "I was glad I got to help lead in the Green Explorers program. At first I would sit back and watch my other Green Team members run the program, but by the end, I started to step up more and take charge when someone else needed help." "Green Team is making me more responsible, which is helping me in school, and will help me when I have my next job."