Resilience Districts

A new approach to community engagement & nature based solutions!


Vision: To strategically invest in community driven transformation to increase community and climate resilience. 

What is a Resilience District? 

A Resilience District is a defined area that has disproportionate climate and public health impacts. For example: neighborhoods with heat islands and extreme weather flooding that are also historically and currently low-income.

Within each District we have 3 efforts: 

1. Districtwide mitigation and outreach

2. Resilience Zones are transformed open spaces that pair food access, nature-based solutions, and community engagement activities in close proximity to demonstrate major impact and show community members how the changes they want to see can come to life.

3. Strategic Planning and Partnership development

New Bedford Districts:

The North End Resilience District

Riverside Park Resilience Zone

List of projects: 

1. Urban Farm and Community Garden. Phase 1 completed

2. Adventure Walk. Phase 1 completed

3. Riverbank restoration. Phase one completion expected 12.2021

4. Demonstration stormwater garden installation expected spring 2022

5. Orchard installation expected spring 2022

List of Ongoing Community Engagement Activities:

1. Green Team stewarding the space launched summer 2017

2. Green Team providing educational activities for youth and community members launched summer 2019

3. Monthly volunteer events launched summer 2021

4. Weekly Pick Your Own Produce Days launched fall 2021

5. Weekly Harvest Helpers volunteer opportunity expected launch spring 2022

6. Sow & Grow- 150 raised beds open for adoption launched winter/spring 2022 (assembly completed 10.2021) 

7. Monthly Engagement in the Garden Events expected launch summer 2022


List of Partners:

City of New Bedford Office of Environmental Stewardship

City of New Bedford Mayor’s Office 

City of New Bedford Department of Parks Recreation and Beaches

SRPEDD (Southeast Regional Planning and Economic Development District)

National Park Service Rivers Trails Conversation Assistance Program

Love the Ave

Near North End Partnership

Fall River Districts:

We are actively working to launching our first Resilience District in Fall River! Stay tuned for further updates!